Human Pyramid

X Games Austin Scavenger Hunt

Last Wednesday I received an email calling for sign-ups to participate in the X Games Austin scavenger hunt. Without even thinking about it, I hit the sign up button and begin to register three of my friends and myself (I text them afterwards to inquire what they were doing on Sunday.) It’s funny because none of us really knew what to expect, we just decided to show up ready to have a good time.

Around 1:45 p.m. Team Bow Jacked arrived at Mohawk ready to play.

XGames Austin Scavenger Hunt - Chelsea Mckinney - Jeff Mckinney - Alyson Boyd - Mohawk Austin


We (Chelsea, Jeff and Alyson—from right to left) received a task list with 98 objectives to complete in about two and a half hours. The four of us pilled into the car and headed towards our tasks. It all began at the State Capitol. (Task numbers are in reference to where they were on the list)

Task 30:  Take a picture in front of the Captiol building with our clothes on backwards.

Johnathan Haynes XGames Scavenger Hunt - Chelsea - Alyson - Jeff

Easy points for team Bow Jacked

Task 33: Tell a stranger about XGames Austin

 Task 64: Take a photo in front of a Ford vehicle

XGames Austin Ford Vehicle - Team Bow Jacked


Task 63: Form a human pyramid (Oh we did, and in style) Photo cred to the silver fox in the next task

Task: Slow dance with a senior citizen (this one was hard, Chelsea got turned down two or three times before this guy.)

Task 53: Create your own trick … Naturally, the ladies crushed this

Task 66: Jump into the air holding hands with strangers … The ladies rocked this one too.  (Thanks to the randoms for being so cool) XGames Scavenger Hunt - Jump with randoms

Task 24: Order a coffee/tea under the name Kanye West @joscoffee. I’ve got this

XGames Scavenger hunt Order like Kanye West

Task 55: Chicken Dance in a crosswalk (Big thanks to the one car for entertaining our little “show”) 


Task 68: team members wearing Oakleys … we kicked it up a notch

XGames Scavenger hunt

Task 95: Do Parkour on something random … Let’s Go

Task 13: #Selfie with a stranger

Selfie with a Stranger

Task 67: Daily Juice employee doing a cartwheel #KeepAustinWeird

Task 41: everyone sipping a Dr. Pepper

Everyon Sipping a Dr Pepper

 Task 88: rotating X  (for XGames) cartwheel

Task 7, 78 and 79: Jeff Mckinney kicked it into overdrive for this one. Shoutout to Ken Block

Task 45: Walk a Strangers Dog

Walk a strangers dog

Task 97: Create an XGames themed post card and give it to a stranger

XGames Post Card to a stranger


Tasks 81: Tricks over traffic cones. Cue Jeff Mckinney

 Task 48: Team Photo on a reflective surface … Check

XGames Austin

Task 58: Pedicab ride … Easy Money

XGames Austin Scavenger Hunt PediCab

Task 79: Take a picture with a statue … Of course we had to find Willie

XGames Austin Scavenger Hunt

Task 11: Take a picture in the bathroom of the opposite sex … thanks for taking one for team ladies. The Ladies room is way to scary.

Xgames Austin Scavenger hunt bathroom


Haha and Finally Task 71: Do your best Ken Block Gymkhana impersonation. On the way back to the start/finish, Jeff took the wheel on this one. You have to watch a Ken Block video to get it. Here is our rendition


Haha, that about sums up our little adventure. My Instagram account has most of the tasks we completed on Sunday, sorry if I blew up your news feed—it was for a fun cause.

In the end we came up about 150 points shy of winning tickets to this year’s X Games Austin,  but we all had a great time (a couple teams got X Games tattoos in order to win tickets … That’s true dedication.) It’s been a while since I did a scavenger hunt and it was a fun and exciting way to enjoy our Sunday. Special thanks to everyone who had a hand in getting us all outside of our comfort zone and creating a fun afternoon.

Enjoy the Adventure.

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