VLOG 1: A Winning Mentality

Recently, I decided to start a new project. I want to document more of the things I see and experience—be it through videos, photos or regular blogs. My hope is to tell so cool stories, create a conversation or just entertain myself. You are welcome to leave notes and make comments.

On this VLOG I sat down with Michael Winchester, Head Coach of CrossFit Central’s competitive program, to discuss his experiences and thoughts. My goal was to discuss what is was like for him to transition from a competitor a team that has been to the CrossFit Games to a coach of a team that would like to experience that for the first time.

If was pretty fun to sit down and reflect and talk through things. Listen up and let me know what you think.

Warning: Turn up your the volume and a bit of your patience. I am slightly soft spoken and the camera mic was a little far away (noted for next time).