Austin Sunset —Vulnerable Clarity

Vulnerable Clarity

Every day holds so many lessons. I wonder how many I miss, over look or forget. It’s not something I will lose sleep over but I definitely want to begin to limit it. In response to that, I am again challenging myself to increase my writing frequency.

Writing is the most selfish thing I do. My primary purpose for it is clarity and understanding the things I think about. The desires I have are too big not to document. Some are absurd and some are very possible, but it is hard to decipher which is which on my own.

It is one thing to have a concept float behind your eyes and completely different ballgame to publish it. You can easily convince yourself of just about anything when you are the only audience. But when your thoughts are visible that makes them vulnerable. That vulnerability is something that you can either fear or utilize.

Choose the latter.

Practice sharing your thoughts, dreams and goals. Constantly call-out, identify and describe the things you desire in life. How else do you expect to locate and attain them?