Travel Sweats Johnathan Haynes

Travel Sweats

I am on a plane again. It seems like I have said this 30 or more times this year (and that’s probably accurate). This time I am headed to hang out with one of my bros. We are not related by blood, but that doesn’t really matter. He is one of seven people who have hung with me—through thick and thin— since before I knew who I was. That feels like such a long time ago. More than 15 years. Wow. Anyway, he is working to become a sustainable farmer and set up a working ranch for youths. I am heading his way to help do some farm stuff, teach his kids bad habits and kick it.


Sitting in the airport a few hours ago, I could feel myself start to throttle back. I have been on-the-go since … January. I can’t tell you where this year has gone. It has blown by for me. I didn’t get it when people said that in the past, but this year, I felt the wind.


There are three big goals on my radar. There is a focus, a passion that drives me towards these goals. At the base of all this is my family and faith. Without those two things, it can be next to impossible to press on at times. I am thankful for the people in my life who have support me regardless of where I am or what I am trying to do. It’s a replenishing comfort and a fueling drive. I am making it a point to show more appreciation of that gift and not just wait “till I make it.” Being driven is not an excuse to not appreciate the ride. I am looking forward to catching up with loved ones and throttling back on “what I do” for a little bit. It’s Christmas after all. Make sure the ones that matter to you know so.

Enjoy The Adventure.