The Worst 4 Minutes

The Worst 4 Minutes – My 13.5 Experience

The Open has been 5 weeks of lessons, stress, excitement, growth, ups, downs and frustration. The first two workouts got the best of me, but I began to come into my own after having a huge break through on 13.3. After putting up a solid showing on 13.4, I was excited to close out the Open strong. And then the workout was announced…..

I cannot lie I was in shock for about a day and then I started to get excited about the challenge. I knew I could make it out of the first round. Last year, no way, but this year I had the skills and if I executed everything perfectly, I would make it. Leading up to the workout, I would bounce from being excited about the challenge to weary of the pain.

I showed up yesterday (Friday) ready to go. My plan was to go for it full tilt and leave it on the mat.

[The Workout Begins] I flew out of the gates (as planned) executing the first two rounds almost perfectly. ALMOST! On my second round of C2B Pull Ups,  I got lost and came of the bar with only 13 reps completed(Critical Mistake 1). That cost me valuable time. In the midst of that confusion, I made critical mistake 2. I miss heard the time keeper while executing my final round of thrusters (my fault not his) causing me to break my last round at the 3 minute mark when I could have pushed through and completed the set unbroken. As soon as I let go of the barbell an unexplainable pain engulfed my entire body. I have NEVER felt anything like that before. I worked tried to pull it together, but it was too late. I finished with 77 reps. I was disappointed to say the absolute least.

[Re-Do] I have had no desire to re-do a workout until 13.5. It has been eating at me ever since I completed the workout. But I will hold true to one and done and accept my score. If I were to do this workout again, it would not be for the right reasons or intentions. This is will be a tremendous lesson for me to digest over the next year. That is probably a good thing.

Overall I am so proud of myself and how I performed in the 2013 Open. I am so ready to get back to work.

The picture above is of Chelsea Ross from RedBlack Gym. She showed up and smashed 13.5. 138 Reps – It was awesome to watch!

Photo Credit: Nicole Hughes