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The Moment Before

The moment “right before” is easy to overlook. It’s easy recall the game-winning touchdown or hitting a PR in the gym. But what about right before that? 

Earlier this week I was in the gym taking pictures for an upcoming seminar and I accidentally took the photo above. This happens often and I normally discard these misfires. But this time I didn’t, instead I just starred at it. It’s right before Jess performed a muscle-up. She’s done 100s (if not 1000s) of them. This one wasn’t any more special than the last ten she has done. But look at the picture, it’s beautiful. She’s completely calm, focused and ready to do something uncommonly well. Seeing this made me wonder about how many of these moments are missed. They are definitely significant. Without them, the finished product would not occur. Excellence isn’t an accident. It’s a product diligence.

My takeaways are to see more beauty in abstract moments and focus on perfecting the “moment before” and see how it affects the finished product.

Details are the difference maker. Enjoy the adventure.

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Photo courtesy of CrossFit Jääkarhu