Saturday Work

I woke up and had a normal Saturday morning debate—with myself—on whether or not I was going to workout. I’ve found that if I just start getting ready and put on clothes, I end up at the gym (CrossFit Jääkarhu). When I arrived, team training was getting started. Team training is an opportunity for athletes from multiple gyms to come together to compete and push each other. It’s a pretty cool environment to observe, but I was there to work, so I hoped on the erg. Without thinking, I set the meter count to 10,000 and began a long journey. It was a really good 45-minute experience for me. There is a lot to think about, observe and learn from throughout the course of a row that long. Afterwards, I felt pretty accomplished. It was my first 10k row, ever. My splits are below.



Johnathan Haynes 10k Row


After this little stroll, I took some shots of some of the action taking place in the gym.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Ricky Redus today and watch him (easily) walk through a 10-bar snatch ladder.

Ricky Redus

 Megan of CrossFit Woodward playing on the rope.

Megan Carter

Ingrid and Brittany during a partner workout.

Ingrid Kantola and Brittany Fergueson - CrossFit Jääkarhu


To sum it up, it was a solid day all around with a bunch of talented folks. Until next time.

Team Training at CrossFit Jääkarhu