Checking into Facebook

A few weeks ago I was invited to visit Facebook’s office in Austin, Texas. As a user and a generally curious person, I was immediately intrigued to visit the place behind the social network.

I’ve spent a pretty good amount of time working on Facebook as a small business owner, contract storyteller and consultant. My focus has been building an online presence and working to develop a captive audience that enjoys their experience. Oddly enough I had not put much thought into how Facebook operates or what their end and systems look like.

My visit was outstanding.

It was such a pleasant surprise to find that they are doing the exact same thing that I am. Their focus is on the user and shipping them the best possible experience—reaching beyond what they can hope for and making that readily available.

Bullshit Writing - Johnathan Haynes

Encouragements, motivational quotes and support line the walls of the building and shine throughout just about every employee I encountered. Every aspect of the building has been thought out, curated and purpose driven. People that work there are placed in an environment that is meant for them to thrive in. Getting a real-life look at Facebook’s Austin office changed my perspective of Facebook as a whole. I appreciate what is being done and the opportunity the company provides in a new light. Facebook has indirectly given me a place to showcase my abilities and communicate a variety of ways. I can’t help but be grateful and excited to continue this unspoken partnership in business.

Thanks Facebook.