I woke up like dih!

I woke up last Thursday in a hurry to begin my day. There was a full schedule ahead of me and I knew I had to be on point in order to get everything done. I quickly got ready and jumped into my roommates car—to head to my first meeting. Backing out of the driveway I noticed that my trunk was slightly open … “that’s weird.” I hopped out of the car and shut it, then I noticed my driver’s side door was open …” Odd.” I closed that too and rushed back to the car to knock out the day. It was a productive and successful day. I came home feeling accomplished and ready for the weekend. As I started to wind down and decompress everything, I walked outside to grab a bag out of my trunk.


As I approached my car I thought, “why was my trunk open?” I advanced towards my car—still analyzing the morning. OH SHIT! In a split second it all hit me. Someone had broken into my car. I’ve had things stolen from me before and it is a feeling I don’t enjoy. It’s a rotten and helplessly violating feeling. There was nothing I could do but call the police and let it all sink in for a moment.


My car was loaded for a day of media work and old clothes destined for Goodwill. I opened my trunk to see the remains of my belongings. More than $2k in belongs are gone. My media equipment was disappointing to lose but the source of distraught was centered around my gym bag. This thief took my gym bag! That must be some form of blasphemy … Ugh (Imagine a wonderful medley of curse words).

I spent a solid moment being bummed about it.


Having things taken from you is not a fun experience, but what can I do? I rarely leave things in my car but for some reason I got comfortable and just a little lax. It came back to sting me. There is no fault to place, but there is a lesson to be learned. Everything lost will be replaced and there is now room for newness—in both possessions and knowledge.


It’s not all roses, but I am learning to enjoy it all.