Special Cadence—CrossFit Invitational

Special Cadence

I am on my way to San Jose to cover the CrossFit Invitational. It is an honor to be able to step on a plane and go off to cover the Sport of Fitness. I get so excited every time I clear security and settle in at my gate. As soon as I sit down, thoughts of my execution, approach and style race through my head—encapsulated by an overwhelming feeling of excitement.

Boarding the plane triggers the final preparations for work. This entails subject research, reflection and enjoying the final bits of relaxation before the plane lands. As soon as we taxi to the gate “I’m on.”

No I am not competing. My role is not super significant, but it is everything to me. I am passionate about the stories I have a chance to tell, so I give it everything—sometimes more than I knew I had.

I’ve gone through this cadence several times over the past few years, but it has not once been boring. I have not once been underwhelmed. Each journey bring lessons, surprises, challenges, frustrations, disappointment and excitement. At the end of the day, I enjoy it all and take nothing for granted.