Small Victories

[Small Victories] – I have talked about them before but they have been a recurring theme lately in my life so here i go.

Doing the CrossFit Games Open is a mental mind trip. Competing against 120,000 people can literally make you crazy. Leaderboarding, worrying about alleged cheaters, worrying about your skill set, worrying about worrying, lack of support from teammates, and leaderboarding can turn you into a very unfun person. The past two years I have stressed myself into a corner worrying about these things, but this year is different.

As I said in a previous blog, this year is about me. The Open is a competition of one, me vs. me last year. I really could care less how I stack up to anyone. In my progression as an athlete in this sport that is what I can manage right. To be honest I am actually having fun this year and making significant progress. Specifically on 13.3 I improved 43 points from the previous year. That is a small victory with huge implications for me. I literally remember the moment when I decided I was going to push past the exhaustion and get to the rings. That was a powerful moment for me on many levels.

[Three down, two left] I am ready to knock out these last few workouts and see how far I have come. Maybe in future years I will compete against other people, but this year is about me and I’m cool with that.

I’ve been an athlete my entire life and I have learned that there are ebbs and flows in my progression. I can’t expect more than I have put in. In other words, there is no reason for me to be disappointed that I didn’t get 30 muscle ups because I have not invested the sweat equity to be able to pull of that performance. Think about that.