From time to time, I struggle. With life responsibilities and self imposed pressure to achieve the things I want. To say the least I live uncommonly, almost to a fault sometimes. Mainly because too many incredible individuals have invested in me and I refuse to half ass my life. I am focused and driven to achieve my goals. Despite my motivation, I still struggle sometimes. I slip into this deep place of heaviness to where it feels like an inch is a marathon away. These times don’t last very long, but they are not the best of times.

Oddly enough, I am starting to look forward to these moments. The times where I push myself a little bit too much and momentarily loose sight of my vision. Why? Because of what comes next… It seems that when you push yourself beyond your limits and feel like you cannot move another inch, you receive a simple reminder and then you break through. Mine reminder was Fran.

[Quick Snapshot]

Francisca Mardones aspired to make the Olympic Games, she spent years on her craft. An injury sustained during a landslide left her with a broken back and severely damaged spinal cord. She fought through a years of recovery rehabilitation to be able to have use of her legs. [That alone is a feat I could spend a year talking about]    I remember meeting Fran after a workout and learning how she had competed in the 2012 London Paralympic Games, entering ranked 25th in the world (Austin 360). Aspiration achieved, in my opinion.

[Don’t Water this Down]

This isn’t about “what’s your excuse,” feeling sorry for anyone or anything like that. I look at Fran and see a champion, I see what I want to be. She was dealt a challenge and from what I can see, she is kicking its ass. She shows up to our gym and works harder than most, training for her next tennis endeavor ( I think she is ranked even higher now). On this past tuesday I was gasping for air after finishing a portion of a workout and I look up to see Fran with sandbag attached to her wheel chair, dragging it across the gym floor. She then proceeded to do work with the conditioning ropes and even a barbell movement. Seeing that changed my whole posture – mentally and physically. I stood up straight, composed myself and moved on to the next phase of training. It is a privilege to be able to CrossFit. Fran does’t take it for granted and neither will I.

There are many things in this world that will push against you, pull you down and try to take you out. If you have an aspiration for greatness, it is guaranteed to be in your path. The question is: What will you do? Do not get lost in doubt, instead realize that you have been brought to the edge of a cliff because you were meant to build a bridge to the other side. 


Fran with her coach, Nyki Helmcamp