San Francisco During 14.5


I thrive in Go Mode.

Constant momentum and activity makes me feel like I am inching myself closer to goals, dreams and aspirations. When things are hectic, I am at my best. But this is not possible to perpetually operate this. Despite my stubbornness, I have found that I do have limits. There is a point where, if I am not careful, I  break down and my beloved momentum grinds to a halt.


It feels as if someone pulled the e-brake when I am trying to step on the gas. I am suddenly  lurched forward and then quickly yanked back into a submissive position by my seatbelt (safety first). I’ve hit this “wall” several times before I finally realized that I needed to introduce and appreciate a balance in my life. As hard as I push myself is as hard as I have to relax and rest. That ebb and flow creates a tide of peace in my life,  allowing for hectic activity and stillness to be welcomed in my life.


To reinforce this belief I build in times to unplug and unwind immediately following high-energy weekends and big projects. I’ll go to a movie during the day, visit the spa or do something that allows me to separate myself from my craft and miss it. If I am traveling, I try to export in search of beautiful to get lost in. It is a blessing to press pause.


In practicing this, I’ve been able to perform at high levels when it’s time to be “on.”


I thrive in Go Mode, but I don’t live there.