Maya Angelou—An American Treasure

Yesterday, Dr. Maya Angelou  left this world at the age of 86. I woke to the news of Dr. Angelou’s passing and immediately took a moment to reflect on a ‘stranger’ that has impacted (and will continue to impact) me greatly.  I don’t often participate in the mourning of celebrities for celebrity sake. Death is a natural part of life, but this is different. I did not know Maya Angelou personally but her way with words made me feel like she could be my friend. Her poems, books, short stories and even just the sound of her voice had a way of wrapping you up tight for a loving hug—no matter who you were.

Her life journey is simply incredible and I will be forever inspired by the way she carried herself and the way she looked at people. The world lost a beautiful light yesterday, but we were left with a treasure chest of knowledge, advice and compassion—through Dr. Angelou’s spoken word and action. I am forever grateful that she chose to “just do right,” teaching the world an timeless lesson.

Maya Angelou is a true American Treasure.