Johnathan Haynes — Brian Sullivan Photo


Picking up from my last blog:

I landed safely in San Jose, gathered my things and took a very thought-provoking Uber ride to the hotel. “Thought-provoking ride” is not an option on the Uber app (although it should be).


After normal introductions and questions, the driver began immediately break life down to me. I don’t know what provoked this micro-inquisition and subsequent imparting of wisdom, but I went with it. He really liked that I had been exploring a lot this year, saying it was “good for my mental health.” The conversation contained a lot of insights and cool exchanges. While this was taking place, a thought struck me.

There is power in explaining who you are and what you do. It is an excellent opportunity to check your work.


Inside the conversation both me and the driver where proud of who we were and excited at what is to come. That is probably what enhanced the conversation. But there have been so many times in that past that I have run in to someone who is stuck, frustrated with there current state and been that way for a long time. Having to explain that you are miserable to everyone (or most people) that you encounter is demoralizing. It’s not always going to be sunshine and rainbows, but if you find yourself in a stagnant miserable situation, don’t stay there. When explaining yourself to people, don’t let your story suck forever. Keep moving. Progress. Find the smallest of victories to celebrate and build from there. Let that become your introduction. Put yourself in a position that when someone asks who you are, you begin with a smile.


I set out to write a blog on a different topic but this came out instead.

Photo by Brian Sullivan