Madeon - Don't call it a remix


I had just moved to Austin, Texas (2011) and made friends with a couple of my co-workers. We shared a love for music, creativity and having fun. One day at work, my friend Ben showed me this really cool pop culture video on YouTube.

Super awesome right?

After seeing this, we decided we wanted to remake the video. We picked a day and spent most of it shooting. My video editing skills were (and still are) very amateur back then. I spent hours figuring out how to work editing software to produce some cool effects. I got close to completion but ran into a road block involving a couple tricks and missing clips. I let that detail hold up the project.


Cut to: last night


I am a firm believer that “done is better than perfect.” Perfection is a process,  if you wait for everything to be just right, you can miss out on the very lessons needed to inch towards that perfection. So I finished it. We can’t call it a remix, but it’s ours.

“We Can’t Call it a Remix,” starring Ben Flores, Jessica Estrada and me (for a minute).