Dialing the Detials

Dialing the Details

It’s been a while since my last check in, but today I could not go to bed without writing. I’ve been moving a fast pace this year and the process has earned me a lot of knowledge on the fly. One of the most frequent themes has been the details. They are so important.

When things get moving at an uncomfortable pace and I’m being pushed outside my comfort zone, the ability to capitalize on the details is pivotal. Silly things like the status of my room, a daily routine and habits are difference makers that carry an impact that I didn’t’ realize until now. I am in a scramble to remaster the little things in my life to allow for more focus on the big things. This sounds like something that I should have known and maybe I did know it. But these details have stung me a few times this year and to the point where they now have my full attention.

The reason I wrote this blog is to put a check point out there to challenge myself to hone in on the details and see if a difference is made between now and the next check in.

I have many other stories to put up, but I had to organize this thought before I went to bed.