Johnathan Haynes - Manhattan Beach



The above sums up the marquee lesson I take away from the CrossFit Games. I’ve worked or been a part of this event for four year now, but this year is by far my favorite. It was the most challenging, thought-provoking, patience-testing project I have ever been a part of. It was also full of the most fun and rewarding things I have done or been a part of in a long time.


There are many things I want to talk through and share about my experience, but I wanted to lead-off with this simple message of control. It’s tempting to draw a large circle around the things you care about and try to make sure everything happens the way YOU feel it should. This is exhausting work. Instead, draw the smallest circle possible and make sure that space is grand. Pour everything you have into it and let the rest worry for itself. Make your small circle the best you know how. Then you are in control. You have learned to become a servant to your surroundings and a master of yourself.  If you can put that into repeated practice, people will grow your circle for you. Then, you’ll truly have to fight to keep it “small.”


The joyous  feeling of accomplishment stems from the journey and the battles overcome. Johnathan Haynes