I don’t know where she is
her identity is a mystery
Have I seen her before?
there are no answers, but questions
too many.

I wonder when it will be time
I wonder if it will be time
then time wonders off without me
there is no need to look for her
because I don’t know where she is
there are no keywords to search.

For now, I save space and strive to live well
But I hope she is on her way

My thoughts are not always in order or clear. Sometimes they come out choppy no matter how I try to organize them. I think it’s better to leave them as is sometimes and let them settle on their own. Especially with this topic.

A Peak of Mind

Where do you bury your thoughts?


Are they safe in the dirt, or comfortable in a cloudy sky?


Do they rest amongst your pillows, only to visited your headspace in the absence of night?


No I say your thoughts refuse to be buried. They walk swiftly along your side.


They ride the wave of your presence. Lending order to the recess of your mind.


Do not trouble the resting place of your thoughts. It’s too much to keep in mind.


written in the middle of the night