Another training cycle is in the books. Looking back it was probably the most difficult ones yet. Training freakin’ sucks sometimes. Training at CrossFit Central brings with it a level of expectations that can crush you if you don’t understand what you are doing.

If you lose sight of your goals will find yourself hating what you claim to love. For a few weeks this was me. Somewhere in the middle of a hellacious squat wave I broke mentally. Losing sight of my goals, I drifted off into a terrible limbo of indifference and frustration. Workouts were not fun, in fact they hurt and seemed to be in the way. And then came the Open..(I’ve already out that subject to bed so if you aren’t caught up on that, read my previous blogs). Despite all of my missed lifts, last place finishes and mediocre performances I managed to do one thing right. I kept showing up. Each day I put my excuses aside and gave each day  a go. I am not condoning just showing up. But some days that is all you can do. Sometime maintaining is its own victory.

Training isn’t supposed to be easy. It is meant to push, shove or even sometimes drag you through the mud in order to progress. This last cycle has been one of the hardest things I’ve done in a while. But I stuck with it and paid my dues. During De-Load week, I set a Personal Record in the following lifts:

Most attempted Muscle Ups W/O a miss: 17

  • Fastest Mile
  • 455 lbs Squat
  • 320 Clean & Jerk
  • 1st workout completed unbroken
  • 300lbs Bench (not an all time PR but its been a while)

Point being – sometimes you need to struggle. Sometimes progress is draped with pain. Good training is meant to break you. Welcome it.