Johnathan Haynes visit to BeSomebody HQ

Always. Be. Creative

Let me welcome you into my thoughts for just a minute or two.

For years, I have been a hesitant writer. Most of the time I avoid it until inspiration is so potent that I absolutely have to express my thoughts. Stalling like that is not a good way to progress in any arena (oddly enough) and I am determined to make improvements as this year comes to a close.

Creativity is both a gift and a skill that I use far too sparingly.

Volume Control

Taking these initial thoughts into consideration action is required. I want to create more — not just more — but better. That’s the goal. But how? It’s time to turn up my creative volume. The idea that I can only publish something if it’s perfect and polished is not conducive to the sharpening of my skills. Painters continually paint. Writers write. Creatives create. You get the picture. To be better, repetition is required.

This proposed increase creates the opportunity to perfect the process and produce at a higher quality more often. Also known as “practice makes perfect.” Catch phrases and popular sayings need to be unpacked sometimes to truly appreciate their value.

Noticing New Outlets

Time to turn up the volume. I enjoy writing, photography, designing, strategy and many other design related things. That’s a fortunate position to be in becuase that means I have multiple options to express if I get stuck or stalled in one of my outlets. Recently I have been switching between outlets when I get stuck in one. If I can’t seem to organize my words, picking up a camera and going to explore has proven to be a effective cure. I return to my pen and paper with new ideas and approaches that weren’t so obvious just a few moments before. That diversity sparks creativity. Creativity thrives in a state of flow. In that zone comes a direction that needs to be fluid and adaptable in order to produce art. Changing instruments may be the best adaptation for me to remain in flow.

The Glengarry Glen Ross Way

Always be closing. A phrase that has stuck with me since I’ve heard it. The idea of persistence, adaptatation and relentlentless devotion to achieving a goal is something to be absorbed in applied in many aspects of life. However, it doesn’t quite activate me in the way I need it to so I made a small change. Creative is something I always aim to be, in everything. My challenge is to add my own signature touch to everything I do. From my presence in a room to artwork produced, I aim to Always. Be. Creative. The more creative I am, the more me I become.