All that I can Johnathan

All that I Can

I’ve sat down to write several times over the past few weeks but each time I have found a way to get distracted. Usually I tell myself that something is more pressing or important and that I will write “later tonight.”

Later is always out of reach

Don’t worry this is not one of those times where I’ll harp on doing things now, this is a time to reflect on what is going on around us. To look around and notice the motion of life. At the beginning of this journey, I started to talk more, describe who I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. Architect … opportunity architect … craftsman … Storyteller. Yeah, that’s me. I didn’t quite know how to say it at first, so I said too much. I was willing to risk being wrong in order to know what was right. It feels good to understand what I am doing—to know the work I do has value. A value that is not limited to me but available to those around me, an investment in the future.

The future is always something to reach for

So what am I doing? I am living in Austin, Texas. I am traveling to every place I can go. There is constant brainstorming, planning and execution in light of an idea that is so tangible I swear I can touch it. There is rest, recovery and reflection in much-needed pockets and planned break times. I am making mistakes, learning quickly and implementing new ideas. I am pushing myself harder than anyone can push me—accepting an (seemingly) insurmountable challenge and gaining ground. I am laughing, crying, singing (mostly in the car) and enjoying every moment of this adventure. I am writing, tweeting, checking in, editing, framing and generating a new status. There is a story to be told and I am on the path, using every tool to best tell it.

When asked “What I do,” I struggle to nail down a specific job description.

I am not a job, I am on a journey

“But what exactly are you doing?” 

I am doing all that I can